About Kanaka Hekili Motorcycle Club

arrows     Kanaka Hekili M/C was established on the island of Oahu and Maui in 2003. Since then it has grown throughout the Island Chain and throughout the Main Land United States. With chapters in Oahu, Maui, Santa Clara, Oakland, Southern California, Washington State and Nevada. In Hawaiian, "Kanaka" is defined as the people; a Hawaiian of Polynesian decent and "Hekili" means "thunder". Translated, "Kanaka Hekili" means "Thunderous Hawaiians" or., as we call it, "Hawaiian Thunder". Our club colors are black, gold, and brown representing the State of Hawaii. Kanaka Hekili M/C is an independent family club with no affiliation to any other clubs. Despite having no ties with other clubs, we have developed a brotherhood with many clubs that are established here in the Islands as well as throughout the Mainland United States. Although we are not a support club, we respect all clubs that respect us. We pride ourselves as being humble, and are always open to support the biker cause, as well as the community.   arrows